After making a hot film, the Director of the Hollywood films checks the film under test screening process. This process is also essential. If the film is released without it, then there are many such problems which the producer of the film has to face. And there are so many other issues like how the audience reacts to the cinema and many more things. Which only a maker and producer of film face.

List of 10 movies that were reshot to please the viewers are

1-The New Mutants (2020)

 As we know by the name this film is about superheroes, and people also think about this that this film is about superheroes. And the scriptwriters of this film also promised the audience that this time they write something very different and unique story. But when in 2017 the trailer of this film is released the fans reaction are not good because in the trailer it is a completely different genre- a true horror story that was confused the audience who are the fans of superhero movies. After this reaction of fans and negative comments of fans on the trailer. The Director and the producer of the film have pushed the premiere because the film needed to be reshot. But after this Fox and Disney decide to merged the premiere of this film pushed back to 2020.

2-Titanic (1997)

So if we are talking about these type of films, how can we forget about our legendary film titanic. Yes, we know this that only a few people of you know that the first cut of Titanic was 5 hours long. And just think about this that how can people watch some drama film for 5 hours. After we know that this is the story of legendary cruise and love but still 5 hours is too much.

And that’s why the Director cut many scenes of titanic. First, they show this film to some viewers after the viewer reviews James Cameron decided to cut the 45 minutes scene of this film including the scene where Jack and Caledon fight, with the iceberg floating just outside the window, and the rescue of the survivors. After this Director not satisfied and finally decided to cut that scene where Rose fought against a treasure hunter for the diamond. And end the film just the way we like.

3- Sunset Blvd. (1950)

The dull noir film about the deplorability of the Hollywood stars was a genuine hit in the film business. It got a variety of honors, including 3 Oscars, and all the credit goes to the principal watchers. During the test screening, completely every individual in the performance center was chuckling for an initial couple of minutes. Be that as it may, 30 minutes in, and those equivalent individuals were befuddled. They couldn’t generally comprehend what they were viewing — a show or a satire. Numerous individuals began to leave the performance center without knowing how it finished.

At the point when the executive of the film Billy Wilder solicited one from the watchers what the issue was, he replied, “I have never observed such a horrendous motion picture.” The thing was that in the first form of the film, the dead collection of Gillis was recounting to his miserable story to other dead individuals. Along these lines, the chief chose to reshoot the start of the film.

4- Deadpool 2 (2018)

 As a result, this film did very big business. Still the makers of this film is not satisfied because the reviews of viewers about this film is not pretty good we not say that the review but the viewers complaint about this that they enjoy the funny main character of this film but they complain because they do not see Cable and Domino didn’t get a lot of screen time. And because of this, the makers decided to please the viewers of this film by promising them that they will make more episodes with these two characters. And also edit and remove some part of this film like where the Deadpool travels through time.

5- Pretty Woman (1990)

 This film is basically a serious social drama. The story of this film was very interesting because its romantic comedy and after seeing this film, girls started to feel that princesses still exist somewhere. Basically, Director of this film planned to make Vivian a drug addict, who worked as a prostitute to earn money. And the ending is pretty good that the other main character of this film Edward pushed this pretty woman out of his car and threw the money he owed at her.

Unfortunately, Disney company not support this film because they were against this dark drama movie, and they asked the Director to reshoot the ending of this film. And for the viewers, the Director decided to reshoot the ending of this film again.

6- Justice League (2017)

 First and foremost, the makers intended to make Justice League the continuation of Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice, however, the hero motion picture was all-out wreckage in the cinematic world. The generation of Justice League was at that point in progress, and on the grounds that the chiefs were stressed over the eventual fate of the film, they chose to re-try about 20% of it, considering the negative audits and suppositions.

In this way, every one of the scenes with Victor Stone before his “change” was removed, and a ton of the discourse was chopped down to only a few lines. Practically every one of the scenes with Superman was reshot, the scene with the opening of his box was included, and a notice about the past of Wonder Woman was placed into the film. There were likewise some other minor subtleties that totally changed the climate of the film.

7- The Shawshank Redemption (1994)

This is an epic film. Who not only convinced the audience but the entire film industry. And according to IMDb, it is the best film of history. And this film is not only to earn money and awards except this movie is the love of its viewers.

After this much success of this film the director of this film, Frank Darabont was not happy because the finale of the film was not supposed to be as optimistic. Because actually he was planned to ask a question to the viewer of if Red was able to adapt to a life of freedom after so many years spent behind bars. Of course, the answer would probably be “no.” the ending scene of this film is where Red meets Andy after so many years.

8-Suicide Squad (2016)

 Something totally unique happened to the Suicide Squad that a ton of fans was truly anticipating viewing.

Regardless of the way that the early audits of the movie were sure, the task was sent back to the executive. The makers stressed that the film would do something very similar that Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice did. In this way, the variation of the film that initially looked dull and sensational was changed to something lighter and more interesting — the first form-based more on the relationship of Harlie and the Joker. Subsequently, practically the majority of the prevalent magazines and pundits gave the film awful surveys.

9- Starship Troopers (1997)

 The story of this film was very interesting. This was a romantic film. Basically, the story of this film was based upon a couple. Carmen and Johnny, they were supposed to break up during military preparation, and after this breakup, Carmen start a romance with her commander Zander. The romance between commander and Carmen gave this film an epic story. But the makers of this film wanted the commander to be killed and also wanted the film to be as non –romantic as possible. So, because of this the makers replace and reshoot some scenes of this film and also make some changes in the script to turn this film into a real action film.

10- Ghostbusters (2016)

   Motion picture fans at first felt that the reboot of the well-known science fiction parody was a senseless thought and was totally futile. In any case, Paul Feig wasn’t stressed over this since he had solidly chosen to give the world another rendition of Ghostbusters.

Thus, the principal trailer was the outright pioneer among trailers in the number of aversions it jumped on YouTube. The way that now the Ghostbusters are ladies was the primary issue for the fans. The makers of the film chose to answer their fans with a scene where the principal characters read the negative remarks from YouTube that were left by the fans.

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