After a very long day at work and after coming back home every one of you want some entertainment. And for this, you start changing channels on TV to watch some TV Serials but sometimes its quite difficult to choose a TV serial.

So, for saving your precious time, we are going to give you the list of 10 top-rated TV series. We are sure that you never watch or heard these ten series names before.


 This TV series is exciting. We are damn sure when you start watching this TV series you don’t want to miss even 1 episode of this series. This is the story of love. The main character of this series is a successful manager of a bookshop and a charming young writer. The manager meets the young writer and starts loving her, and after some time, his love for her change into a real obsession. And to know more about her, he starts using social networks. And he wants to become close her as possible. And after this, he turns into a real tyrant who is ready to eliminate any obstacle in his way. 

To know all about this must watch this series hope you like and enjoy this series very much.

2-The Terror

 This TV series is based on the book, and this book is based on a real-life story. This story began in 1845 when an Arctic explorer John Franklin started an expedition to investigate the northern shores of Canada with two warships, HMS Erebus and HMS Terror. After some time, these ships and the team with John Franklin disappear without a trace. 

And after this incident, a new team of explorers goes to this place to find out that actually what happened with the team and ships, which was disappear.  


This story is based upon the richest man of the history of Paul Getty. Many of you also know him with the name oil tycoon. He has always been surrounded by people who dream of having a piece of his wealth. One day his nephew is kidnapped, and kidnappers demand a ransom of $17 million. In a comparison of Paul’s wealth, this amount of money is minimal, but still, he makes an official statement about his refusal to pay anything at all.

This TV series is also exciting to hope you like this.

4-Castle Rock

 The occasions occur in Stephen King’s anecdotal town of Castle Rock. This is where sequential executioners are meandering down the lanes, out of control hounds are assaulting individuals, and the fiend himself offers reviled things to individuals. After the suicide of Shawshank Prison’s superintendent, a youngster is found in a shut piece of the jail. Nobody knows what his identity is; the man says the name of his supporter Henry Deaver who was conceived in Castle Rock. Before long, the supporter gets an unknown call that makes him come back to his old neighborhood and discover the detainee’s story. 

This spiritualist spine chiller is absolutely worth your time.

5-Picnic at Hanging Rock

 If you like drama films and art films, we are damn sure you like and appreciate this TV series very much.

The story of this TV series began when schoolgirls are going with their governors on a picnic near Hanging Rock. Many people rumor about this place that evil spirit is there. And who knows that this rumor is the truth because on this picnic three schoolgirls disappear and no one is able to find them. If you want to know all about this series, go and watch now. 


 Yellowstone is the first national park on the planet and one of the most visited places in the US. In any case, numerous things happen in the wilderness of this human progress. The Duttons, the proprietors of a major farm, ward off Thomas Rainwater, the proprietor of the Indian reservation, and Dan Jenkins, a development tycoon, from their territory. Feeling on edge about the up and coming war, the primary character attempts to make up the association with his family, who turns out to be increasingly segregated from him. 

Activity scenes and show devotees will cherish this TV arrangement.


The story of this TV series is very interesting, and if you love health laughs, this series is for you.

Barry is the main character of this series, and he is also a former marine and a lousy hitman. He goes to Los Angles for a mission, but by accident, he gets into acting auditions. After this incident and also inspired by this, he decides to change his life and become a real actor.

8- The Haunting of Hill House

   The develop posterity of the Crain family recalls their adolescence in a spooky Hill House. Their folks purchased a house to reestablish it. A few occasions affected their future. For instance, the senior sibling turned into an author, one sister is a specialist, the other sister is the proprietor of a burial service parlor, and the more youthful sibling is experiencing illicit drug use. All kin have stressed relations with their dad, who never opened up about what indeed occurred on the day when their mom kicked the bucket and why they needed to leave the house. 

The baffling and delightful TV arrangement keeps you in tension until the end.

9-The First

 The First recounts to an anecdote about a previous NASA space traveler named Tom Hagerty, who gets ready to travel to Mars on a human space flight. He survives the last time and needs to confront numerous troubles: his better half kicks the bucket under unusual conditions, his little girl is a medication fiend, and the crucial bound to fizzle. 

It’s a dramatization that discussions about family esteem, individual yearnings, and huge dreams.

10- Sorry for Your Loss

 If you love stories that also make you cry, this TV series is for you, mainly because this is the story of a widow who faces many issues in her life. Still, she believes that one day, she overcome all these difficulties and happily live her life. The main character of this series is Leigh Shaw.

I hope you like the list of this 10 Top-Rated TV Series. If you see any of the TV series mentioned above, just comment below and share your opinions with us.

Also, share this article with the people who are searching for the best TV series hope this article is also helpful for those people.


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