Every actor or actress wants to become a superstar, and for this, they have to do a movie that makes an impact on an audience very much. And sometimes on shooting many incidents happen which actors want to forget. They don’t even want to remember these incidents in their dreams.

And in this article, we will be going to show you the list of 12 very famous movies. the scenes of these movies were very challenging for actors

1-Jim Carrey — Kick-Ass 2

 As a viewer, this movie is unforgettable for us. But as an actor, this movie is also memorable for the main character Jim Carrey as Colonel Stars and stripes in Kick-Asss 2. Because after the film in many interviews, Carry admitted that the violence done in this movie was inappropriate, and he also said that this level of violence is not suiting even in a comedy action film.

2- Kate Winslet — Titanic

 Every one of us remembers the scene of this epic movie Titanic where Rose comes to Jack and asks him to draw her naked. After this movie was released, Kate Winslet shares about her experience, and she told that the scene where she had to get naked in this scene is tough for her and naked in front of her friend Leonardo DeCaprio is more awkward for her. She also said that after the success of this movie, many fans of her want her signature on these naked photos of her. But now she refuses to sign these photos because she has become a mother of 3 children and also a serious actress.

3- Taylor Lautner — The Twilight Saga

     The main character of this film is Taylor Lautner, who plays the role of Jacob in this movie, and by his strong physic, he won the hearts of many girls. Because in this movie, there were a quiet few scenes where Lautner had to show his body when he was transforming into a giant wolf. But after this movie in many interviews, Taylor Lautner said that the idea of taking his shirts off is weird for him. And he also said that if he had a choice that he wants to take his shirt off or not to take his shirt off. He chooses not to take his shirt off because he doesn’t like the get naked in front of the camera. He also said that the audience should pay attention to his acting instead of his body.

4- Emilia Clarke — Game of Thrones

   Game of Thrones is viewed as one of the most express TV arrangements of a difficult time. What’s more, some bed scenes were enjoyable to do. In this way, the star of Game of Thrones, Emilia Clarke, said in one of her meetings that during the shooting of the bed scene among her and on-screen character Jason Momoa, he secured the thing between his legs with a soft pink sock. This was Jason’s method for making the circumstance less exceptional in light of the fact that he could see that Emilia was extremely anxious. As indicated by Emilia, he began snickering insanely, so she overlooked all that she should do in the scene, and along these lines, the shooting was dropped that day.

5- Ellen Page — Juno

 It was the film Juno that made actress Ellen Page very famous. But now when she is older and understands everything, and someone starts discussing this film she was very ashamed because in one scene of this film she was discussing her future child’s name and her partner suggest the name Madison, and she replied that Madison means “A little gay.” That time she not understand this joke but now she understands how stupid this joke was.

6- Margot Robbie — Suicide Squad

 The miscreant, Harley Quinn, from Suicide Squad, is perhaps the coolest character of the film; however, Margot Robbie wasn’t satisfied with a portion of the scenes. To start with, she felt ungainly strolling around in scaled-down shorts and torn T-shirt: Robbie was embarrassed about such a noteworthy look. Second, the on-screen character still gets the chills when she recollects the scene where her character falls into a bowl of synthetic substances. As per Margot, this was the most noticeably awful minute in her whole acting profession: the fluid got into her nose, ears, and eyes, and it was extremely awkward. What’s more, directly after she returned to the surface, she should take a gander at Joker with adoring eyes, and it didn’t look generally excellent.

7- Natalie Portman — Black Swan

  Natalie Portman won Oscar for this movie. But still, this movie gave them some bad memories. Like it was a sex scene between her Mila Kunis. And in an interview, Portman said that this scene was horrible for her because she and Mila were close friends. And Portman also said that before shooting this scene, she wants to hire a body double, but when she does not find her body double, so she did this scene by herself.

8- Kurt Russel — The Hateful Eight

 In Quentin Tarantino’s The Hateful Eight, there is where the character of entertainer Jennifer Jason Leigh plays an old number on the guitar, and afterward, the abundance tracker, depicted by Kurt Russell, swipes the instrument from her hands and breaks it into pieces. Thus, the guitar Russell crushed was a significant antique instrument that cost $40,000. It wasn’t only a prop. Clearly, the entertainer didn’t think about it and said that he was extremely embarrassed by what occurred in this scene.

9- Chris Hemsworth — Thor: The Dark World

 Every one of us is a big fan of Chris Hemsworth. But one thing about him shocked you all because we want to tell you that Chris is not a fan of showing his body in front of the camera. In a interview Chris also said that while shooting this film he tried to convince his director to get rid of this scene where he had to remove his shirt but director denied and also the same situation is taking place while shooting of Thor: Ragnarok at the shooting of this film he also tries to convince his director to get rid this scene but director said that he wants spicier in this film.

10- Josh Brolin — Avengers: Infinity War

  Josh Brolin, who played Thanos in Avengers, was exceptionally persuading in his job, yet later the on-screen character conceded that the Loki murder scene was extremely terrible for him. In the film, the guile Loki organized his demise a few times, so Thanos must be certain that he killed him one final time. In any case, the scene where the scalawag is choking the character appeared to be unreasonably ruthless for the entertainer. In addition, Josh said that he had sympathy for Tom Hiddleston right then and there on the grounds that he had invested such a great amount of energy with the character, and it was his last scene.

11- Dakota Johnson, Jamie Dornan — Fifty Shades of Grey

   The main actor and actress of this movie admit that the scenes of this movie are really challenging for them. Because there are several sex scenes in this movie. And for shooting some scenes, it takes a very long time. Still, this movie is awesome . and if you want to know all about this movie, you must watch this.

12- Keira Knightley — A Dangerous Method

    The film A Dangerous Method recounts the tale about the connection between psychotherapist Carl Gustav Jung and his patient. As indicated by the plot, in one of the sexual moments, Keira Knightley’s character must be punished by Michael Fassbender’s character. This scene was a genuine test for the entertainer. In a meeting, she even conceded that she brought some relief with a few vodka shots before the shooting and a glass of champagne a while later.

Bonus: Sharon Stone — Basic Instinct

 The reality that actress Sharon Stone tells after the premiere of the story is shocking. Because she said that one scene of this movie changes her life. The scene where she had uncrossing and crossing her legs. The director of this movie Paul Verhoeven convinced her to take off her underwear first. And told her that this shows the superiority of her character over man, and second this draws the attention of the audience to the next scene. And he also promises that no one can see anything. But after the premiere of this movie, Stone shocked, and she not even understand what she had to do. And she also said that after the premiere, she slapped Verhoeven in his face.

I hope you like our this article about 12 Movie Scenes Actors Would Like to Forget Like a Bad Dream. And we also want to ask you all if you are an actor or actress which of the above-listed scene is also awkward for you just comment below.


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