Many of us searching for a movie that impacts us for long. So if you are also this type of person you are at the right place. in this article, we prepare a list of 13 movies which has unexpected plots that creates a great impact upon you for a long time, and we are sure you think about this movie after watching it.

Here is the list of 13 movies that not only scares you. But also you will not forget these movies for a long time.

All Good Things, 2009

 The story of this movie is exciting. This movie is based on the story of Robert Alan Durst. Basically, the story began when the son of a multi-millionaire person wants to marry a common girl like our society; the parents of the son refuse him this decision, but still, he marries with a common girl. But after some time, the girl disappears. If you want to know the full story, you must watch this movie now.

Blood, 2012

 We give this movie the second number in our list because this is a great British film with beautiful camerawork. The story of this film began with the murder of a girl. Two policemen are appointed to solve this murder case coincidently; they both are brothers. There are many secrets that reveal while solving this case. To know the full story must watch this film.

6 Souls, 2010       

If you like scary stories, this movie is for you. The story of this movie is based on a single mother who is a psychiatrist studying dissociative identity disorders. This movie is a classic psychological thriller and also scary, and Julianne Moore is in this movie, and her acting is great in this movie. There’s nothing unusual with the women in this movie until she met a patient who’s a disease is not even understand by doctors. We can tell the story of this movie, but if we tell the story, you will be not able to enjoy this much, so if you want to know the full story of this movie and really want to enjoy this movie must watch this now.

Miss Sloane, 2016

 This is a political film featuring the wonderful Jessica Chastain in the main job. Elizabeth Sloane is a skilled and fruitful lobbyist who is blamed for utilizing illicit lobbyism techniques. In any case, before the finish of the motion picture, totally various individuals are on preliminary. This is an unpretentious film where everything about impeccably set. This is an extraordinary film, and numerous individuals would appreciate it.

Le dernier Diamant/ The Last Diamond, 2014

 The story of this movie is very interesting. Basically, a professional thief is hired in this movie to stole a Rare diamond, which’s approximately cost is $40 million. And forget closer to the diamond the thief has to cheat a girl who knows the estimated value of this diamond. Everything was going good, but the story of this movie turns more interesting when the employer gets the diamond.

Paranoia, 2013

 The motion picture is an adjustment of Joseph Finder’s book, Paranoia. The story is about Adam Cassidy, a 26-year-old low-level representative at a cutting edge company who despises his activity. Nonetheless, it’s not too straightforward, and after the primary character commits the greatest error of his life, everything changes for him. 

In the event that anything, you should watch this film to see the incredible work of on-screen characters Liam Hemsworth, Gary Oldman, and Harrison Ford.

Regression, 2015

 We must say that this movie is a great thriller. The story of this movie is based upon a girl named Angela, who had sexual abuse by her father. A detective named Bruce Kenner who was investigating this sexual abuse case. He also took help from professor Kenneth Raines to solve this case. The acting of Emma Watson was great in this movie; she played her role very well.

We are damn sure that if you are a thriller lover, this movie is for you. 

The Limehouse Golem, 2016

 This film is an adjustment of Peter Ackroyd’s book, Dan Leno and the Limehouse Golem. The film happens in Victorian London, where a young lady is unreasonably sentenced for a series of murders. Be that as it may, is this all obvious? An auditor from Scotland Yard makes some hard memories tackling this case — thus will you. Alan Rickman should assume the principle job in this motion picture, yet couldn’t because of his ailment. In any case, Bill Nighy was cast, and he worked admirably. Everybody who adores a decent analyst story must watch this film.

Black Butterfly, 2016

 If you love scary and unusual stories, this movie is for you only. The story of this movie is basically surrounded by the main character, who is a writer, and his name is Paul. Paul lost hope of writing something . finally, he finds the inspiration for writing from the place where other people meet death.

Game Night, 2018

 This film recounts the tale of couples that participate in game night missions consistently. Be that as it may, everything changes when the sibling of the fundamental character gets seized directly before different characters. They can’t comprehend if this is a trick or something different. In the event that this proceeds, this night may be the latest night for every one of them. The enrapturing and unusual story won’t let you unwind until the end.

The Magdalene Sisters, 2002

 This movie is based on a real incident. In the late ’60s in Ireland, Magdalene asylum was situated in this asylum; they force, humiliate, and also beaten the girls for work 24/7. Basically, the girls who ran from there home for some reason or women who are not happy in her married life or girls who are pregnant by their partners and their partner left them they took place in this asylum. But the condition of this asylum is not so good, and the environment of this asylum is also very unhealthy. The story of this movie was very interesting, and this was a great movie. And we suggest you must watch this movie hope you enjoy the movie.

Das finstere Tal, 2014

This film happens in a community loaded with startling insider facts. Obviously, no one enjoys the bizarre person in this town, yet things aren’t that straightforward. With a fantastic Alpine view, a mysterious air, and an intriguing story, this film is an unquestionable requirement to see. On the off chance that you like Sleepy Hollow, you will most likely love this film.

After.Life, 2009

   This is the last movie on our list and also the most interesting movie on this list. Basically, the story of this movie begins with the death of the heroine of this film. Flashback story was that the heroine had a fight with her boyfriend, then she has a car accident in this accident she died. But not the movie ends, there are more interesting things in this movie happen, but we don’t share the full story of this movie here because it decreases the fun of this movie. But if you want to know the full story of this movie you must watch this now and enjoy it.

I hope you enjoy this list of movies. Please tell us about your experience after reading this article in the comment section. 


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