As from the title, many of you understand what we are going to tell you today in this article.

So if you are a real movie lover and you like the movies which create a high impact on you and also you can feel the story this list is for you.

We are sure if once you watch any of the movies which are in this list, you can’t even turn off the TV until the movie ends.

1-Amour, 2012

The story of this movie is based on two lovers who live with each other for a very long time. George and Anne both are 80 years old. And also they have one daughter. They both are music teachers. 

Everything is going fine in their lives. But one day, Anne had a paralyzed attack, and her half body is also paralyzed later she starts losing her memory.

This is not the full story of this movie. So if you like this much story and want to know the full story of this movie you must watch this and enjoy it.

IMDb rating — 7.9

2-All the Invisible Children, 2005

  Basically, this movie is a part of a worldwide project by UNICEF and the UN World Food Program.

The story of this movie is very sad. We are sure you can’t even control your tears after watching this film. This movie was made by merging seven short films. Every single of this film tells the story of a child who is facing many problems, but society does not help them; even society not even notice them. We suggest you to must watch this film. The story of this film will make you cry.

IMDb rating — 7.6

3-Then Came You, 2019

  The story of this film is very awesome. The story of this movie is basically based on two types of people first positive person and second negative person. Calvin, the main character of this movie, suffers from hypochondria. He always tensioned about this that he will die soon, and with this tension, he not even enjoy his life. 

And on the other side Skye, she is the opposite of Calvin. She enjoys her life very much because she knows it will end soon.

The story becomes more interesting when both come together.

IMDb rating — 7.1

4-A Private War, 2018

The motion picture recounts to the account of a war reporter for The Sunday Times, which is a British paper. She goes to hotspots all around the globe. Regardless of the considerable number of challenges, steady wounds, and the loathsomeness of war clashes, she normally composes material from Kosovo, Chechnya, Sierra Leone, Zimbabwe, Sri Lanka, and different nations. She has seen the things that legislators and government authorities haven’t. She has attempted to do everything she could to come clean as quick as would be prudent and stop the war through the narratives of others. 

The film depends on a genuine story that was first told in the article “Marie Colvin’s Private War” in Vanity Fair, by Marie Brenner in 2012.

IMDb rating — 6.7

5-A Mighty Heart, 2007

  This story is based on a true event. This film tells the story of journalist Daniel Pearl. Daniel was investigating the connections between the terrorist organization “Al-Qaeda” and Pakistani special forces. After his first interview, he disappeared. After this incident, her pregnant wife, Mariane Pearl, start searching for him. She also went to the Police of Pakistan, the US embassy, and also the FBI.

And the name of this movie is the memoir of Daniel’s wife.

IMDb rating — 6.7

6-Okuribito, 2008

 Cello player Daigo Kobayashi loses his employment in the symphony and doesn’t have the foggiest idea of how to continue living. He read a paper and sees an opportunity at an organization that needs an individual “to help in voyaging.” Daigo is contracted immediately. He is offered an enormous measure of cash, yet he speculates that the words “help” and “voyaging” are double speaks for formal funeral home administrations. Daigo needs to conceal what he does from others on the grounds that in Japan, it is a low-regarded work. Would he be able to keep his family, remain hitched, and still have companions after everybody discovers what his activity is?

IMDb rating — 8.1

7- 5 Flights Up, 2014

 This film tells the story of two lovers Ruth and Alex, who love each other very much. After more than 50 years of their married life, they want to sell their apartment and want to buy a new house because, in this age, daily climb 5th floor is hard for them. This love began when they were students. But even after this much year together still, they love each other very much.

They face many problems because when they decided to sell this apartment, they remember that they have many memories of them in this apartment. And their dog becomes ill, and it needs costly back surgery.

This movie tells the real-life story of every person because, in our daily lives, we face many problems, but still, we conquer all problems and again start our life.

IMDb rating — 6.2

8- Goodbye Christopher Robin, 2017

  A kid who abruptly becomes acclaimed can be broken by such a weight, and Christopher Robin, the child of celebrated author Alan Milne, knew this superior to anybody. After he came back from the First World War and endured post-horrendous pressure issues, Alan moved to a London suburb where he needs to begin composing once more. During long strolls with his child, Milne makes up and recounts anecdotes about Winnie-the-Pooh that become an overall hit. So later, Christopher Robin, the fundamental character of these accounts, needs to manage the pressure that popularity makes him feel.

IMDb rating — 7.1

9– Shot Caller, 2018

 This is the story of a normal person who is a law-abiding person. But due to an incident, he becomes a prisoner, and after this, his life is totally changed. He participates in prison fights and also joins the mafia gang. He becomes a big boss. But when he realizes that all thing are wrong and he has to come back in his normal life its become more difficult for him because the prison gangsters keep threating him and his family. 

To understand the full story of this film, must watch this film.

IMDb rating — 7.3

10- A Moment to Remember, 2004

  Kim Su-jin says a final farewell to a man she’s been in an involved acquaintance with after she discovers he’s hitched. She is certain that she can’t deal with this disloyalty until she meets Choi Chul-soo, who fantasies about turning into a draftsman. They experience passionate feelings for one another and get hitched, and now Kim Su-jin is persuaded that she won’t have any all the more enduring in her life. Yet, at that point, she is determined to have a sickness that gains her experiences evaporate.

IMDb rating — 8.2

11- The Discovery, 2017     

   The movie’s story is very interesting because the story of this movie gives very good advice to the youth who are committing suicide.

Basically, the story of this movie began when the main character of this movie Thomas Harbor discover that after death, people are going to the dream world. After this discovery, all the people are shocked, and he also understands that when he told the people about this discovery, nobody Will do believe him, but also many people say that he is crazy. For this, he also provides solid proof. 

After this discovery, many people decided to commit suicide, not suicide.

 IMDb rating — 6.3


12- Heaven, 2002

 This is a mental show with Cate Blanchett as the main entertainer. It recounts to the account of a lady who attempts to oversee equity with her very own hands. Philippa, an instructor, loses her significant other and a few understudies to drugs. She feels that a specialist who’s managing drugs is blameworthy, yet the police will not begin an examination, so the lady chooses to do everything without anyone else. Be that as it may, she doesn’t comprehend what she’s getting herself into.

IMDb rating — 7.1

13- 6 Below: Miracle on the Mountain, 2017

 This story is based on a real event that had happened with a great hockey champion Eric LeMarque.

After Eric’s career is over. For fun Used to doing snowboarding. This happened with him when one day, he was going to do snowboarding, and the rescue team gives warning to him about an upcoming storm. But he ignores this warning of rescues team and go for the snowboarding. After some time, when he goes downhill, he can’t find his way to go back because of a storm.

Then he realizes that he is stuck in a big problem. There’s only one option for him to wait until the rescue team finds and rescues him.

IMDb rating — 5.7

14– Ombline, 2012

 Ombline experienced childhood in a broken family and has been condemned to 3 years in jail for attacking somebody. Following a month in jail, she discovers that she is pregnant, and this news changes her viewpoint of the world. As indicated by the law, she can remain with the infant just until it is 1.5 years old, and from that point forward, the youngster should go to an alternate family or to a halfway house. Ombline understands that she doesn’t need this to occur, and she will do everything necessary to demonstrate to the judge that she has the right to be a mother after her sentence is finished.

IMDb rating — 6.8

15- Freak Show, 2017

    The main character’s name in this movie is Billy Bloom. The story of this movie began when Billy and his parents move to a small town. And in this place, Billy goes to a new school where teachers are very rude to him and also impose their opinions on him. After a long day when he is tired of this. He decides to done protest against the teachers; he starts going to school to wear women’s clothing. He also puts makeup on his face, and after some time, he also tries to win the local beauty contest.

IMDb rating — 6.3

I hope you must have liked this list of movies. We are sure these movies will make you cry. And we also want to know what other films like this which make you cry. Tell us about your experience in the comment section.


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