Every one of us heard this name before. Netflix is a great company that provides web series, and also you can watch films on Netflix. The main advantage of Netflix is for the audience is that they upload all the episodes of the series on the premiere day.

So take your blanket and snacks. We will give you the list of 20 shows which are worth watching.

                 5 best shows, according to the viewers

1- 13 Reasons Why, 2017 — to the present

The story of this show is about a girl who committed suicide; her name is name Hanna. After her death. A girl Clay Jensen who is in high school, found a box on her table. When she opened this box, 13 recorded tapes in it. She listens to these 13 tapes, and in those 13 tapes, Hannah explains why she was suicide. Clay is also a reason for Hannah’s suicide.

This show teaches people to see their lives from different angles. This show is fantastic must watch this show.

2-Narcos, 2015 — to the present

           This is a dramatic show which is based on real events. The story is about Pablo Escobar. He was a great drug dealer who built a powerful drug empire. Even the government afraid of him. People respected him, but police officers hated him. He sold the drugs to the US. The DEA agents told the story of Escobar.

3-House of Cards, 2013 — to the present

 If you are a mystery show lover, this show is for you. You are not bored while watching this show because every time you think what’s hidden and it is an intellectual show.

The main character of this show is Francis Underwood. He is one of the most powerful men in congress. He is brilliant, active, and also precise. The story begins when he decides to help Garret walker to become a president in favor he wants to be a vice president, but after elections, Franks gets a refusal. And he makes a plan to take revenge, and her loyal wife helps him to carry out this plan. 

4- Black Mirror, 2011 — to the present

 This show is impressive if you are a parent and reading this article must suggest your teenager child watch this show, and if you are a teenager, you must watch this show. Because the shows tell about the negative side of the technology. In today’s era, we depend on technology.

In the present day, if we face any issue, we post it on our facebook account, and we get suggestions from our friends’ family, etc. but this show demonstrates the negative consequences of technology.

5- Godless, 2017

  Irate hooligan Frank Griffin, together with a group of guerillas, threaten the Wild West. He executes individuals and leaves the towns vacant, and no one can take care of business. Once, Frank’s stepson becomes weary of this, so he goes the posse and takes everything the group had taken. The hooligans won’t let him leave, so they attempt to discover him. During the hunt, they land in the town of La Belle, where, for some odd reason, just ladies live. 

An incredible show which is excellent for individuals who like westerns as well as for the individuals who believe that they don’t.

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6- Orange Is the New Black, 2013 — to the present

The story of this show is about love survival and the demons in every person’s life.

Piper Chapman is the main character of this show. She loves her life very much; she enjoys her life every day with the morning breakfast and with shower. But one day she goes to jail because of the mistakes she did in her past. She will spend 15 months in prison. Now she needs to live and survive in the new environment.

7- Love, 2016 — to the present

 The primary characters, Mickey and Gus, don’t look like great individuals. Gus is a geek, and a failure who dreams of things, however, doesn’t successfully make his fantasies work out as expected. Mickey is an insubordinate young lady who regularly gets into unbalanced circumstances. They meet their past issues, yet in their own lives hinder them. Would they be able to be as one? 

An intriguing show which is difficult to quit viewing.

8- Master of None, 2015 — to the present

 This show is amazing. The story of this show is simple. Dev is the main character of this show. He starts doing movies and commercials, but it does not bring enough money. He was living with friends who don’t have their families. He was also dating a girl, but there’s no future with her. He stuck in many problems, but every time he deals with this problem with the help of his sense of humor and his friends.

9- Unbreakable Kimmy Schmidt, 2015 — to the present

 This show is about Kimmy Schmidt — a young lady who went through the most recent 15 years caught underground by a strict devotee. After she got free, she chose to transform her. She moves to New York and attempts to get up to speed with the occasions. She finds out about innovation, adapts new things, makes intriguing companions, and builds up her own life. 

An extremely light and smart satire show, which is extraordinary to watch in the wake of a stressful day.

10- The Crown, 2016 — to the present

  This show won the Golden Globe Award in the best drama series nomination. 

If you want to know about Queen Elizabeth, must watch this show because this show tells the story of Queen Elizabeth and the Story of Great Britain. This show tells almost everything about the Queen.

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11- Luke Cage, 2016 — to the present

After a bombed analysis, the principal hero, Luke Cage, escapes from jail and attempts to begin his life once more. He has a couple of employments to bring home the bacon and does whatever it takes not to utilize his superpower. In any case, when crooks slaughter the leading individual who had confidence in Luke and bolstered him, he chooses to rise out of the shadows and reestablish equity. He doesn’t wear a veil and doesn’t shroud his name, so everybody knows what his identity is and where to discover him. 

A fascinating show which in one way or another fits in all things: battling, shooting, and sensational scenes.

12- Daredevil, 2015 — to the present

We are damn sure that if you watch one episode, you can’t control yourself to watch the whole show.

The main character of this show is Matt Murdock. He became blind because he had an accident when he was a child. But when he grew up he dedicates his life to fight against crime, and that’s why in the day he is a lawyer, and in the night he is a daredevil.

13- Sense8, 2015–2018

  This show is around eight individuals who live in various urban areas and nations, communicate in multiple dialects, and have various societies. Be that as it may, every one of them is rationally associated. They can feel each other’s feelings, help one another, and get each other’s aptitudes. Also, individuals are chasing them who imagine that they are a risk to the whole world. So the fundamental characters need to figure out how to endure. 

A brilliant show that is exceptionally fascinating.

14- Stranger Things, 2016 — to the present

 This is a mystical show. And if you like mystical shows, this show defiantly grabs your attention.

In the late ’80s in a small town. A boy whose name is will. He was disappeared mysteriously. His family and friends start searching for him and want to know what happened to him, but no one can find him.

We can’t tell the full story here. To know the whole story watch it now.

15- Jessica Jones, 2015 — to the present

 Jessica Jones is the chief representative of a private analyst office. She dropped her hero vocation for a modest loft. In any case, the past makes up for lost time with her when an insidious man who can control the desire of others shows up in the city. 

A unique show which is serious until the absolute last scene.

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16- The OA, 2016 — to the present

 This show is high drama and very interesting. 

The main character of this show is a girl. She disappears from 7 years, but after 7 years she comes back. Nobody knows where she was. And the most fantastic thing is that she can able to see it now. It’s amazing because when she disappeared, she was blind.

17- A Series of Unfortunate Events, 2017 — to the present

 After a mishap, three vagrants, Violet, Klaus, and Sunny, are left with their nearest relative Count Olaf, who is just keen on acquiring their fortune. The children attempt to come clean with everybody except no one trusts them. Since grown-ups don’t get them, the children get into various undertakings as they try to find reality with regards to their folks’ passing. 

An extraordinary fantasy that the two youngsters and grown-ups will adore.

18- Dirk Gently’s Holistic Detective Agency, 2016–2017

  This show is fantastic and so much exciting, and every episode of this show is not less than a masterpiece.

The main character of this story is Todd. Who was a doorman in a hotel. He had a small salary; still, he was happy, and by his salary, he helped her sister. But one day his this happy life destroyed. His landlord humiliates him, and he was also suspected of murder. After this many problems finally, he decided to give up. But he met optimist Dirk Gently, who claimed that Todd was an essential part of his investigation.


19- Lilyhammer, 2012–2014

 Straight to the point, a moderately aged mobster betrays his supervisor to the Feds, and, apprehensive that his partners would manage him, he goes to Lilyhammer, Norway. After the results in these present circumstances, new world, he wouldn’t like to change and alter — he modifies everything else to his needs and makes an underground realm. This is the place distinctive comic circumstances start. 

A light parody show which will make your state of mind extraordinary following a stressful day.


20- Bloodline, 2015–2017

 As this is the last show on our list. But this show is also exciting. This show tells the story of the Rayburn family, who has a good reputation in society and living a happy life. But one day all the things change when Danny come back to the youngest brother. He wants to get back his relatives because he wants to tell them how difficult for him when he was humiliated by them in his childhood.

We hope you like the list of these shows. And also, tell us about your favorite show on Netflix in the comment section.


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