All women think that men only notice their face and their figure and other things which women or a girl try to show a man. However, the truth is not this if you are a woman and you think that men only observe these two above mentioned things in you. I suppose you might be wrong because some studies and researches show that men not only notice the figure and face of a woman except they also observe tiny things that you did not even know about.

So if you are a woman and want to know that seven things which man secretly notice in you read our full article.

1-   The way she texts

Yes, you don’t even think about this that men judge you by the way you text him. Shocking a girl is not brave enough to express her all feeling in front of men and even she not able to make and eye contact with a guy. So that’s why men think that a woman expresses all her feelings at the text without any issue. Even men notice the emojis you send to him.

One more interesting fact is this- according to Linguists, the words and the emojis we use in our conversation tells so much about our character. If a person always uses words as I bet, believe me, etc. it means they may be lying. Also, the person who still use words as I feel, I think is a person who always thinks about themselves after you know this fact now you able to judge people by the way they text you.

2-   Drinks that she prefers

Did you ever think about this?

 I know 90% of our readers’ answer is no because they not even think about that a guy notices about drinks you order.

 Basically, men notice this because he wants you to be happy with her and he notice this because if you and he are on a romantic date he knows your taste and order that drink for you at your date. Also, at the other hand men also notice this because they want to know that you only enjoy the taste of drinks or you are addicted.

3-Whether she eats a lot of meat or not

 Much of the time, ladies like to eat serving of mixed greens out on the town. They concede that, from one viewpoint, they’re frightened to give the impression of somebody voracious and somebody who eats a great deal. Then again, they attempt to demonstrate that they’re fit and sound.

As a general rule, this conduct has the contrary impact. Ladies who eat plates of mixed greens look bashful, hesitant, and thus, less appealing in correlation with a lady who requests a steak and looks certain and loose. Also, in this circumstance, men feel increasingly great since they’re out on the town with an individual, not a hare.

Obviously this doesn’t imply that ladies ought to eat just oily dishes just to intrigue men. They need to recollect that they can arrange anything they desire, not to falter in the event that they need to have chicken or fish rather than plate of mixed greens, and be loose.

4-   Clothes she wears to impress

  Woman always wear branded clothes because they think boys got attracted with them by their clothes brand tag or by the price of that dress but this is not a reality actually men notice your sense of elegance, style, and sexuality.

Because if a girl is going with a guy in her everyday outfit and not even comb her hair properly it means that she is not interested in that guy. However, if a girl is going with a guy with her awesome dress which she only wears on some party or on special occasion and comb her hair properly it means that she is interested in that guy so much . that’s why men easily figure out that you are interested in you or not.

5-Face expression

Yes many of you think that this is some special talent or gift God that only couple of people can read your face.

However, this is not a reality not to think that a men can only understand your emotions by your voice or when you cry or when you smile but except this a men can understand your feelings by your face expression.

Moreover, this skill we get during revolution. Nowadays everyone understand your emotions by just your face expression and even they know your thinking about them by just seeing in your eyes.

so this is not something wrong if you really love a man he will understand just by your face expressions. Moreover, conversations by face expressions are more romantic and it feels both you and him more special.

6-   Whether she sings in the shower or not

When we wash up, we’re in solitude. We’re quiet and we don’t feel modest. Our anxiety diminishes and our cerebrum begins creating dopamine, causing sentiments of delight. In these minutes, we need to sing about our disposition whether it’s fortunate or unfortunate.

This conduct enables an individual “to restart” themselves and unwind regardless of whether they realize that somebody’s at home. This is great in such a case that we believe we can’t demonstrate our feelings for quite a while, it has an impact our mind which could make pressure and lead battles and contentions.

It’s not astounding that men focus on this since it causes them envision and procedure the temperament of their accomplice which will support them and the fate of their relationship.

7-   Outfit color that she prefers

Woman don’t even think about this but your outfit shows many things about you. Yes it is a fact that your appearance tells a lot about your character  and your personaliy.

That’s why when you go for some interview or on any party you clad well because your appearance tells about your character and your class. From where are you come from . so this why men notice your dressing sense.

And it is very simple and even everybody knows about this that the colour of your dress tells about your current mood . Black symbolizes elegance, reliability, and shyness; pink symbolizes warmth and tenderness; Red symbolizes energy and passion.

So if you also experience any of the above listed points just share your experience with us. And if you like this article about men secretly pay attention to these 7 things just share our article . And if you think that you experienced more than these 7 things just share in the comment section. If your experience is genuine and real hope we add that experience of yours in our article.


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